ResiTel = ResidenTial Unit + HoTel

Rhythm ResiTel combines a real estate investment in India, property appreciation, secure rental income, and a maintenance-free holiday home in India.

With a Rhythm Resitel real estate investment in India, investors earn a regular and stable rental income stream based on a rental pool arrangement with the resort. Unlike fractional ownership of real estate investment in India, Rhythm ResiTel investors are the owners of the underlying property investment.


Investing in india's real estate sector has always been an attractive proposition. However, traditional asset classes like residential and commercial are not smart bets any longer. Instead, invest in an innovative asset type suitable for today's market conditions.. Rhythm ResiTel! We combine luxury holiday homes with hospitality real estate.

What awaits you is a resort suite in a fully-operational five-star property at a popular leisure tourism destination (Kumarakom, Kerala & Lonavala, Maharashtra). With Rhythm ResiTel, you enjoy complete ownership, regular income, utilization privileges without the hassle of maintenance. Unlike timeshare with a Rhythm ResiTel offering you are the principal owner of the resort suite. Our investors are already receiving regular returns from our completed and operational properties in Kerala and Lonavala.

With the real-estate market growing your investment’s value also increases. What's more for 30 days every year you can escape city life to relax at a rhythm resident suite and enjoy all the benefits of owning a holiday home. Worried about maintenance? Don't be! With Rhythm ResiTel, you can earn revenue without any hassles of maintenance, leasing, or outgoings.

Our tie-up with all major banks also makes financing easy. Our locations (Kerala & Lonavala) hold value for you both as an investor and a holiday home owner. Rhythm ResiTel properties are located at popular holiday destinations that are just a short drive away from major cities.

Leisure tourism has helped increase your scope of returns here. The lack of quality accommodation for discerning tourists is also a growing opportunity for the retail investor. Rhythm ResiTel offers a bouquet of exemplary benefits. We make investing in an income-yielding asset hassle-free. Moreover, ResiTel projects by Rhythm Group India are also RERA compliant.

Rhythm Group India is a name that you can trust. Established in 1988 by the Jatia family, who are synonymous with real estate in India, investors based in Mumbai, Pune, UAE, GCC, and US are already enjoying the benefits of investing in Rhythm ResiTel.

Markets have been up and down and this has been a constant source of revenue over the last five years.

We celebrate all our important family occasions here.

The returns are good. There's good transparency and I feel my overall decision was a wise decision.

Rhythm ResiTel!

An investment not just for the future but one you can enjoy right now.

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Story so far

It all began in 2013 when we introduced the concept of ResiTel at our first resort, Rhythm Lonavala. With the success of ResiTel in Lonavala, we have now implemented ResiTel at Rhythm Kumarakom. Unit owners have been receiving returns on a regular basis. Through the years, we have built a credible track record and carved out a niche for ourselves in this particular asset class.